Cel-Fi Go Building Repeater Basic Commercial Installation

Cel-Fi Go Building Repeater Basic Commercial Installation

Product no.: CFGS-INST07

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Cel-Fi Go Building Repeater Basic Commercial Installation by Qualified Representative. Greater Sydney area only.  Note that price for this item is only valid when ordered with Cel-Fi Repeater Kit on the same order. If you wish to order stand alone installation, call us for a quotation.

Includes the following:

  • Arrange and coordinate roof access with building manager. Note that if access roof access is denied then we may reject the order.
  • Supply and install roof antenna mount up to 1.8m in height.
  • Install roof antenna (OMNI or YAGI).
  • Install 10m antenna cable from antenna to an internal point usually directly below the roof antenna.
  • Install Cel-Fi repeater on an internal wall. Requires 240V Power Point (GPO). GPO can be provided at extra cost if required.
  • Install 6m internal antenna cable and internal coverage antenna in a suitable location on the wall.
  • Tune and test all antennas and the Cel-Fi repeater solution.

Any on-site works or supplies required beyond the scope of works defined above will incurr extra chargers. These items (if any) are generally identifed once installation address in known and/or upon inspection of the installation site or during the installation process. These extra items will be price quoted and the extra charge must be paid to the installer prior to the installation commencing or proceeding. As an example, extra height mounting, extra length cabling and GPO installation are typical extras that may be required.

Note that due to the nature of a mobile phone repeaters, installation location of antennas and repeater may be limited due to interference or feedback issues. Therefore antenna location on the roof and internally may need to be such that extra cabling is required in order for the repeater to function correctly and be Telstra appoved.

Items not included in the installation are as follows:

  • Extra roof mounting hardware to gain extra height.
  • Extra equipment required for roof work where roof is not accessible by ladder.
  • Longer antenna cables or higher grade antenna cables for longer cable runs. Typically any run longer than 10m.
  • GPO.
  • Wall plate outlet.
  • Extra travel beyond Sydney Metro area (where available).
  • Any other item or labour required to achieve a working and approved installation.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Picture may not be exact model as described.

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