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GSM Antennas

GSM is an acronym for Global System for Mobile communications. Until the early 1990s mobile phone communications were based on analogy technology which is sometimes referred to a 1G. The introduction of digital based GSM technology, sometimes referred to as 2G allowed carriers to offer many more features for mobile communications. GSM technology has evolved in the form of 3G, 4G and 5G (coming) since its introduction offering ever increasing features.

GSM Antenna is a generic term used to describe an antenna suitable for mobile phones and wireless modems. A GSM Antenna describes both the tiny little internal antennas used inside the devices or larger external antennas that can be connected to increase the signal above and beyond the capabilities of the device as supplied by the manufacturer.

GSM antennas are not all the same. They vary in both frequency and style. For a GSM antenna to work correctly, it must support the frequency used by your carrier. Therefore when you buy a GSM antenna, you need to make sure the antenna is tuned to your carriers transmit and receive frequency. As carriers strive to provide more features and bandwidth, they often use multiple frequencies and therefore these days most GSM antennas are multi-band to cater for this progress. Our GSM antennas are categorised by carriers ie. Telstra, Optus, Virgin etc., taking the hassle out of selecting the correct antenna.

GSM antennas come in many different styles such as magnetic base, glass mount, fibreglass whip, yagi directional, grid antennas and more. They are designed with a particular application in mind such as portable, vehicle, marine, wall and pole mount for buildings etc. GSM antenna selection is largely based on the application. Therefore select an antenna that best suits you application and then look at the gain shown in decibels (dBi) which signifies the signal gain the antenna will produce. Higher dBi will provide more signal strength.

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