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Cel-Fi and Telstra Band 7

Important Information about Cel-Fi Band 2600MHz (Band 7)

Please be advised the following Cel-Fi systems combined with specific phone models do not Support Band 7 (2600Mhz) 4G. If both the user’s mobile device and carrier service support Band 7, this may prevent your mobile device from connecting to the Cel-Fi system.

Cel-Fi Systems

Telstra Cel-Fi GO Mobile (G31)
Telstra Cel-Fi GO Stationary (G31)
Telstra Cel-Fi PRO (P34)

Phone Model

Apple iPhone model 8+


Until recently, Telstra had approximately 100 x Band 7 Base stations out of around 1800.  More recently they have increased their number of Band 7 compatible base stations up to 400 and mainly in urban areas, which is why we have seen an increase in this issue.


We request that you discover if band 7 is going to be in use at the required site and then do further investigation of phone models.  We also suggest that you make sure the client is aware so that they can make a decision moving forward before they purchase the unit.

Customer notification statement

 “Comnet Solutions has detected a minor compatibility error between Cel-Fi systems and Apple iPhone model 8+. This issue only affects band 7, or 2600MHz band. Please note, by switching to a different band you should not experience any call quality issues.”

Troubleshooting solution:

Step 1: Turn your phone flight mode setting ON, and then OFF again. This will prompt your phone to search and relock onto the stronger band signal.

Step 2: If you continue to experience functionality issues with your Cel-Fi system, please contact us on 02 9899 5700 or email

If you have any queries, please contact our Comnet team on (02) 9899 5700 or email