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Selecting Phone Patch Lead

Quick and easy way to find the correct patch lead. Mobile phone patch leads are listed here on one page for convenience. Phones are listed in order of brand and release date. Locate your phone model and then click on the patch lead Product No. (PLxxxx) to see more information. For phones without external antenna connections, cradles with antenna connection or inductive pad patch leads are indicated. This enables you to identify which phones have external antenna connections.

Some patch leads are designated "under back cover" which means the antenna connector is located under the back cover of the phone. As this may not be convenient for some users, we offer an Inductive Cradle as an alternative.

Tip! If you don't know the model number of the modem, check under the back or sim cover. To learn more about inductive cradles and patch leads read the Selecting a 3G/4G Antenna page.

Telstra (ZTE)    
Telstra Tough Max 3 ZTE T86    
telstra-tough-5-zte-t57.jpg t84-max.jpg telstra-tough-max-2-zte-t85.jpg
Telstra Tough 5 ZTE T57 Telstra Max™ ZTE T84 Telstra Tough Max 2 ZTE T85
PL2105 PL2111 PL2111
telstra-flip-2-zte-t21.jpg telstra-easy-call-4-zte-t403.jpg telstra-tough-4-zte-t55a.jpg
Telstra Flip 2 ZTE T21 Telstra Easy Call 4 ZTE T403 Telstra Tough 4 ZTE T55a
PL2105 Universal Inductive Cradle PL2105
t4-easy-discovery-4.jpg t83-dave.jpg tough-3-t55.jpg
T4 Easy Discovery 4 Dave™ T83 Tough ™ 3 T55
PL2105 PL2111 PL2105
easytouch-4g-t82.jpg frontier-4g-t81.jpg  
Easytouch 4G T82 Frontier 4G T81  
PL2111 PL2111  
iphone-8.jpg iphone-8-plus.jpg apple-ipad.jpg
iPhone 8 iPhone 8 Plus iPad
iPhone 8 Cradle iPhone 8 Plus Cradle PL2910 Inductive Pad
samsung-galaxy-s7.jpg samsung-galaxy-s7-edge.jpg  
Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge  
Galaxy S7 Cradle Universal Inductive Cradle