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Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, Comnet accepts Visa and Mastercard Credit/Debt Cards online, over the phone and in store.


How do I select an antenna?

Antennas are selected based on the application such as a building antenna, vehicle antenna, ceiling antenna etc. and also on the gain requirement for the application. Higher gain antennas are generally physically larger in size.


Can I attach an antenna to my phone via the USB Port as my phone does not have an antenna port?

No, antennas can only by attached to dedicated antenna ports which most phones don't have. Therefore the best way to booster you mobile signal is by using a mobile phone booster.


Can I attach an antenna to a modem or router?

Yes, providing the modem or router is a wireless broadband model with external antennas ports. Select a Mimo antenna which has two cables, one for each port. Most modem/routers have either SMA (screw-in) or TS9 (push-in) antenna connectors. If your device has TS9 connectors then patch leads (adapter cables) will be required.


What is Cel-Fi?

Cel-Fi is Nextivity’s brand of smart mobile phone repeaters also know as mobile phone boosters. Cel-Fi smart repeaters are available for residential and commercial premises as well as motor vehicles, boats and caravans. Our range of Cel-Fi smart repeaters are Our Cel-Fi Repeaters are 100% legal, approved by the network carriers and the ACMA.


Are mobile phone repeaters legal in Australia?

Only if they are approved by the network carriers and the ACMA. Cel-Fi's are currently the only brand that have such approvals. Don’t be tricked into buying an illegal repeater…. beware of ".com" websites directly targeting the Australian market. These web sites are actually located overseas and generally outside the jurisdiction of Australian Law. However you, as the purchaser and user can be liable and heavy penalties do apply - see here: ACMA Mobile Phone Repeaters

Will a Cel-Fi Smart Repeater boost voice and data?

Yes, the Cel-Fi will boost voice and data simultaneously.


Can a Cel-Fi boost multiple carriers?

Although our Cel-Fi Smart Repeaters can be configured for different carriers, only one carrier at a time can be boosted. For application where multiple carriers require boosting, multiple units can be deployed to achieve a Multi-Carrier System.


If I change my carrier will I have to buy a new Cel-Fi?

Our current range of Cel-Fi's can be reconfigured via the Wave App for Telstra, Optus or Vodafone. Note that this feature is not available on the G31 and G32 models.


Will the Cel-Fi Smart Repeater boost my iPad?

Yes, the Cel-Fi will boost any device that contains a sim card from the chosen carrier within the coverage area of the Cel-Fi. Devices include mobile phones, tablets, modems, routers, EPOS machines, alarm systems, control and monitoring devices etc.


I need coverage in a large area. Will the Cel-Fi do the job?

Yes, just about any large single or multi-level building including Commercial Premises, Factories, Warehouses, Shopping Centres, Schools, Hospitals and Car Parks etc. can be boosted using Cel-Fi Smart Repeaters and our DAS technology. See Multi-Carrier Systems for more information.