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Optus Cel-Fi GO X Building

Optus Cel-Fi Go X G32 is a 3G/4G mobile phone booster made for made for home, office and building applications. Designed to amplify and disburse 3G/900/2100 & 4G/1800/2600 simultaneously (max.2) with automatic selection of the best bands in 3G and 4G without manual intervention and is best for metropolitan areas. Can be configured for Optus or Vodafone. The Optus Cel-fi Go X G32 3G/4G Smart Repeater is a mobile phone booster and wireless broadband signal booster that increases the internal mobile signal in a building or outdoors. The Cel-Fi handles multiple devices and improves voice quality and data speeds. Cel-Fi Go G32 3G/4G Smart Repeaters for various applications are available now. Our Cel-Fi Repeaters are 100% legal approved by the carrier and ACMA.