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Choosing the Right Antenna for Your Vehicle or 4WD

Ever wondered why antennas come in different dBi rating. The dBi represents the gain of the antenna expressed in decibels. The higher the gain the more signal boost it will provide.

When choosing a suitable gain bull bar antenna for a vehicle or 4WD, it's important to understand how the gain of the antenna affects the performance when used in different locations. The antenna gain influences the RF signal pattern or signal capture area where lower gain antennas are more suited for hilly areas and higher gain antennas work best in flat areas as follows:


High Gain (7-9dBi): Best for rural, flat terrains with few obstructions, these antennas provide a narrow beam width for long distance signal reach.



Medium Gain (4 to 6dBi): A good all rounder for various environments, including urban, metro, mountainous, and rural areas.




Low Gain (0 to 3dBi): Ideal for urban, metro or mountainous areas signals may reflect off surfaces. These antennas offer a wider beam width but have a shorter range.


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