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Patch Leads

Patch leads, also known as patch cables or patch cords, are essential components in networking and telecommunications systems. These short cables are used to connect different devices to an antenna, such as routers, modems, repeaters and phones. Designed with flexibility and durability in mind, patch leads ensure reliable data transmission by allowing quick and secure connections. These leads are typically made with high-quality copper conductors and insulation materials to minimize signal loss and interference.

When choosing patch leads, it is crucial to consider factors such as length, connector type, and compatibility with the device. Normally one end of the patch lead has an FME Male or SMA Female connector which mates with the connector found on most cellular antenna cables. The other end has a small (usually push-on) connector to fit a particular model wireless modem or mobile phone with the exception of inductive types (for modems and phone without antenna connectors) which simply stick on by Velcro or double sided tape. Reliable, high-performance patch leads are vital for maintaining efficient and seamless network connections.

Use our "Selecting patch lead for Telstra, Optus and other carriers" in the Guides Menu located on the top menu bar. Check out the Selecting a 3G/4G Antenna page for information about selecting a mobile phone or wireless modem antenna.

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