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SmoothTalker Cradles

Comnet Solutions Australian Distributor for SmoothTalker® mobile phone cradles featuring a renowned high performance induction antenna connection, robust full size phone holder and a range of mounting and charging options suitable for vehicle or desktop applications. Cradles are available in phone specific models for many Apple, Samsung and Blackberry phone models. A universal cradle to suit most other mobile phones is also offered. To select a cradle, choose either Apple, Samsung, Blackberry or Universal if your phone is not one of these brands. If your phone is one of these brands but your particular model phone is not listed then select Universal. Universal cradles are available with or without charger and with or without the high performance induction antenna connection. Where the cradle has an antenna connection, it will be fitted with an FME Male connector. If you already have a SmoothTalker cradle, select Spare Parts to see the range of spare parts and options available.