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SmoothTalker Cradles

Comnet Solutions is an Australian distributor for SmoothTalker® Universal mobile phone cradles featuring a renowned high performance induction antenna connection, robust full size phone holder and a range of mounting and charging options suitable for vehicle or desktop applications. The high performance induction antenna connection allows connection of an external antenna to increase the mobile phone signal. The induction antenna connection is a cutting-edge design and is reputed to be the very best available in the market today, alleviating mobile signal black spots and regional reception issues when the phone is placed in the cradle. Not only will the SmoothTalker cradle provide increased and expanded mobile phone coverage, the various mounting and charging options are designed to securely hold and charge your smartphone while on the go. The SmoothTalker Cradles provide a stable and reliable mounting and charging solution for your mobile phone, ensuring it stays in place and charging even on bumpy roads. SmoothTalker Universal Cradles suit most mobile phone models and are available with or without charger and with or without the high performance induction antenna connection. Where the cradle has an antenna connection, it will be fitted with an FME Male connector.


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