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Directional Couplers

Directional Couplers are essential components in RF and microwave systems that facilitate signal splitting. Designed to split off a desired amount of signal strength and allow the remaining signal to pass through makes them ideal for achieving a balanced Distributed Antenna System (DAS) configuration for 3G, 4G and 5G repeater systems.  Used them to transfer energy from one transmission line to multiple broadcast antennas, while maintaining the desired power levels and signal flow. They offer excellent isolation, low insertion loss, and precise coupling ratios enabling efficient power distribution and system performance. Directional couplers find application in various fields including telecommunications, radar systems and wireless communication networks. Our range of Directional Coupler models are available in 4.8dBi, 6dBi, 7dBi and 10dBi taps. Features include Low Passive Intermodulation PIM (-140dBc) and Low VSWR & Insertion Loss.