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RF Meters

RF meters are electronic devices designed to measure and assess radio frequency (RF) radiation levels accurately. These versatile instruments offer comprehensive data on electromagnetic fields in the RF range including 3G, 4G and 5G cellular frequencies and are commonly utilized by professionals working in telecommunications and electrical engineering fields. With their user-friendly interface and precise measurements, RF meters provide the essential information required to locate cellular signals for applications such as antenna alignment and coverage testing.

  • Compass XR

    Compass XR 5G/4G/CBRS/LMR Spectrum Analyser

    The CEL-FI COMPASS XR scanning receiver is the complete solution to enable integrators to install and optimize CEL-FI cellular and public safety coverage systems. A convenient tool in a lightweight and portable case, it can be used globally to deploy and...

    $2,753.50 inc. GST
    $2,503.18 ex. GST