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Cellular Antenna Frequencies

Mobile phone and data signals are transmitted to and from cell towers by mobile phones and data modems via a cellular antenna. The carriers that provide these services use certain frequency radio waves to transmit and receive signals allowing your device to communicate wirelessly with other devices. To avoid interference, carriers use certain frequencies which are licensed (for a fee) for their exclusive use by the regulators in different countries. By law, no one else is allowed to use the licensed frequencies and therefore carriers such as Telstra, Optus and others are able to provide a more reliable wireless service free from interference.

The lower the frequency the better the signal transmits and penetrates through barriers such a building and trees. However, higher frequencies can carry more information.

Most wireless communication services operate in a frequency band from around 3KHz to 6000MHz. Cellular networks use radio frequencies of between 700MHz to 3600MHz which provide a balance between reliability and enough bandwidth for transmitting the large amounts of data required for such services. Also, a new very high frequency 5G band of 26GHz is being implemented in limited metro areas.

Therefore the optimal frequency bands available to carriers are limited. As demand for wireless communications grows, carriers are forced to use multiple frequencies to provide faster and better services.

Here is a table showing cellular frequencies and bands used in Australia. Carriers use one or more frequency bands to provide 3G, 4G and 5G services. Frequency bands used can vary depending upon the location.

Service Frequency Telstra Optus Vodafone
3G 850MHz b5    
3G 900MHz   b8 b8
3G 2100MHz   b1 b1
4G 700MHz b28 b28  
4G 850MHz     b5
4G 900MHz b8    
4G 1800MHz b3 b3 b3
4G 2100MHz b1 b1 b1 
4G 2300MHz   b40  
4G 2600MHz b7 b7 b7
5G 700MHz     n28
5G 850MHz n5
5G 1800MHz     n3
5G 2100MHz   n1
5G 2300MHz   n40
5G 3500MHz n78
5G 26GHz n258


Other carriers that use Telstra: Aldi, Boost, TeleChoice, Think Mobile, Woolworths
Other carriers that use Optus: Virgin, iiNEt, Dodo, Amaysim, iPrimus, M2, TPG, Engin
Other carriers that use Vodafone: GoTalk, Redbull Mobile, TPG


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