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Welcome to our comprehensive collection of Guides. Here, you will find a variety of informative and well-researched Guides on a wide range of topics. Whether you are seeking step-by-step instructions, helpful tips, or detailed explanations, our Guides are designed to assist and educate you. We cover various subjects including Mobile Phone Boosters, Wi-Fi, RF Components and much more. Our aim is to provide you with relevant and accurate information, allowing you to navigate various aspects of Wireless Communications with confidence and ease. Browse through our Guides and empower yourself with knowledge on the topics that matter to you.

select.jpgChoosing the right antenna for your Vehicle or 4WD
comparision.jpgCel-Fi Comparison Table

information.jpgLegal Repeaters & Mobile Phone Boosters

instructions.jpgInstalling a Mobile Phone Booster

setup.jpgCel-Fi and Telstra Band 7

registration.jpgCel-Fi Registration Information

select.jpgSelecting an antenna

information.jpgGSM Antennas

frequency.jpgCellular Antenna Frequencies

  cable-attenuation-tablesCable Attenuation Tables

explained.jpgMIMO Antennas Explained!

select.jpgSelecting Telstra Modem Patch Lead

select.jpgSelecting Optus/others Modem Patch Lead

select.jpgSelecting Phone Patch Lead

guide.jpgGuide to Patch Lead types

explained.jpgAntenna cables explained

matrix.jpgAdapter Selection Matrix

instructions.jpgBasic Instruction for setting up a Ubiquiti Unifi AP

interference.jpgDealing with Wi-Fi Interference

select.jpgSelecting a Wi-Fi Device

why.jpgWhy Tranzeo