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Why Tranzeo

Tranzeo Wireless Technologies leads the way as a premier manufacturer of high performance wireless network equipment that allows communities and businesses to communicate without boundaries.

Tranzeo has a full spectrum of point to point and multipoint radios in such technologies as WiMAX and Mesh. The latest products include 5Ghz 802.11n radios with both internal antennas and external connectors so reducing the need for multiple parts for different link specifications. Another new product is their 802.11n 2.4Ghz MiMo adio in a tube format. It differs from the competition by having multiple SSID capabilities and including mounts and a power/injector.

With a IP67 style enclosure for the majority of the integrated products the range offers the most cost effective solution for those dust and water sensitive locations. Their 900Mhz products remain one of the best performers in Non Line of Site (NLOS) situations and are fully ACMA spectrum approved.

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