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Legal Repeaters and Mobile Phone Boosters

legal-logo.jpg   Repeaters and Mobile Phone Boosters – Are they legal?

Repeaters is the common name for devices that boost the RF signal from mobile phone towers to provide coverage in black spots and regional locations. These devices are powered and generally comprise a network antenna (also known as the donor antenna) and a coverage antenna. In between the two antennas is a signal amplified which boosts the signal by up to 100dB or more. Sometimes the amplifier is connected directly to the mobile phone or modem via cable. These devices are also known as mobile phone boosters and mobile phone amplifiers.

Bad News is….
In Australia, these devices are illegal and/or need approval from the carrier as stated by law. Don’t be tricked into buying an illegal repeater….beware of ".com" websites directly targeting the Australian market. These web sites are actually located overseas and generally outside the jurisdiction of Australian Law. However you, as the purchaser and user can be liable and heavy penalties do apply - see here ACMA Mobile Phone Repeaters

Good News is….
A repeater solution for residential and commercial applications has been approved by the ACMA and the three first tier carriers in Australia – Telstra, Optus and Vodafone

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