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RF Cables with Connectors

RF Cables with Connectors are essential components for transmitting high-frequency signals in various antenna applications. These cables are specifically designed to carry Radio Frequency (RF) signals minimal loss or interference. RF Cables with Connectors provide a reliable connection between RF devices, ensuring efficient signal transmission.

These cables are available in different types, such as Low Loss 50 ohm LMR195® grade LL195, LMR240® grade LL240 and LMR400® grade LL400. They are equipped with connectors like FME, SMA, RP SMA, TNC, RP TNC, 4.3-10 or N connectors, allowing easy and secure connectivity. RF Cables with Connectors are widely used in industries like telecommunications, aerospace, military, and broadcasting, where the integrity and quality of RF signals are crucial for optimal performance.


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