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FME/M to FME/F 195 Cables

FME/M to FME/F 195 Cables are coaxial cables designed with FME connectors on both ends, allowing seamless connection between devices or antenna systems. These cables offer reliable and high-performance signal transmission for various applications. With their FME connectors, they ensure a secure and stable connection, protecting against signal loss and interference. These cables are specifically built with LMR195/LL195 low loss coaxial cable, which enhances signal quality while minimizing signal degradation. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, FME/M to FME/F 195 Cables provide exceptional signal integrity and durability. Upgrade your connectivity with the reliable and efficient FME LMR195 cables. These FME LMR195 Cables are made from an equivalent LMR195 high quality cable and available in various lengths.