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Optus Cel-Fi GO G31 Vehicle

The Optus Cel-fi Go G31 3G/4G Smart Repeater is a mobile phone booster and wireless broadband signal booster that increases the internal mobile signal in your vehicle including cars, trucks, 4WD, caravan and boats. The Cel-Fi repeater handles multiple devices and improves voice quality and data speeds. Cel-Fi Go G31 3G/4G Smart Repeaters for various applications are available now. Our Cel-Fi Repeaters are 100% legal approved by the carrier and ACMA.

Designed to amplify and disburse 3G/900 & 4G/700/1800 one band at a time with automatic selection of the best band in 3G and 4G without manual intervention and is best for regional areas due to it's 4G/700 capabilities.

EOL - see replacement model ROAM R41

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