Introducing Cel-Fi GO4

Introducing Cel-Fi GO4

Posted by Comnet Sales on 9th Dec 2023

Nextivity announces approval and release of the new Cel-Fi GO4 (G41) Cellular Smart Repeater (Mobile Phone Booster) in November 2021. In stock now for immediate shipment.

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The new Cel-Fi GO4 (G41) has the following features/benefits:

  • more powerful allowing larger coverage area via use of multiple internal antennas
  • more sensitive to input signal allowing use in more fringe areas
  • ability to configure for Telstra, Optus or Vodafone via the WAVE App (boosts one carrier at a time)
  • supports band 7 for the latest iPhones
  • boosts multiple frequencies
  • better negotiation with the cell phone tower for optimal performance
  • RJ45 ethernet port for remote management
  • 5G ready pending carrier approval (5G is currently not enable)
  • multi carrier coverage can be achieved by integrating multiple units

Cel-Fi GO 4 (G41) have been tested and approved by the ACMA and the Carriers (Telstra, Optus and Vodafone) and are 100% legal to use in Australia. Keep in mind that Cel-Fi PRO and Cel-Fi GO are the only repeaters that can be used in Australia. Heavy penalties apply for use on non approved devices which frequently appear on Ebay and Google searchers.

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