4dBi Wideband Omni MiMo Antenna - Desktop

4dBi Wideband Omni MiMo Antenna - Desktop

Product no.: NG4MOMNI-53-F

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4dBi Wideband MiMo Omni Desktop Antenna with 2 x 1.5m cables FME/F. This antenna has two radiators and does not have to be pointed to gather signal. Supports diversity across GSM, 3G and 4G MiMo networks and covers frequency bands from 700MHz to 2700MHz making this antenna suitable for any carrier on any cellular frequency. Two patch leads are required to complete the antenna connection to the modem. MiMo Antennas explained!


MHz 700 850 900 1800 2100 2300 2600
Supported frequencies shown in GREEN
Note: Antenna gain may vary depending upon frequency.

Important Information:

This antenna is suitable for modems with two antenna ports and are not generally suitable for mobile phones. So that the antenna can be connected to the modem, a pair of patch leads are required. Patch leads have an FME male connector at one end for connection to the antenna, and a device specific connector at the other end for the modem.

Use this links to select patch leads for your device.

Select from here: Patch Leads  

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