Coverage 195 grade Low Loss Coax Cable /metre adder

Coverage 195 grade Low Loss Coax Cable /metre adder

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High quality 5mm 50 ohms 195 grade Low Loss Coaxial Cable /metre for Cel-Fi GO. 1m adder to coverage cable.

If you wish to extend the 5mm 195 grade cable generally used as coverage cable in some Cel-Fi GO Kits, then simply order one or more of this item. The supplied cable will be in one piece and the length will be the orginal length in the kit plus one or more of this item as ordered (in metres). Therefore, if the kit includes a 6m 195 grade type donor cable and you order 4 x CF195-1 the donor cable supplied with the kit will be 10m.



Cable features:


  • Black polyethylene outdoor flooded weather-proof UV resistant 5.0mm jacket.
  • Double shielded with copper braid coverage of over 93% and 100% aluminium tape coverage.
  • Extra Wide bandwidth Gas-Injected Foam Polyethylene 2.8mm insulator.
  • Solid Copper Centre Conductor 1.1mm.


Cable Attenuation vs Frequency (typical)

Frequency (MHz) 700 850 900 1800 2100 2300 2600
Attenuation dB/m* 0.316 0.353 0.365 0.525 0.567 0.596 0.638

*Attenuation dB/m represents signal loss in decibels (dB) per meter of cable.


Specifications are subject to change without notice. Picture may not be exact model as described.

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