Adavanced Routing Technology.

Powerful Functionality - Full-featured routing functionality for limitless applications.

Advanced User Interface - Next-generation user experience allows anyone to quickly become a routing expert.

Carrier Class Reliability - Uptime performance equivalent to leading carrier and enterprise solutions.


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Product no.: ERLite-3

EdgeRouter Lite. 3 Port. The World’s first low cost, one million packet-per-second router. Full-featured routing functionality.

RRP $249.00
$189.90 *

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Product no.: ERPOE-5

EdgeRouter POE. 5 Port. Powered by the feature-rich EdgeOS, EdgeRouter POE is a versatile solution for any network.

RRP $419.00
$321.90 *

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Product no.: ER-X

The EdgeRouter™X delivers cost-effective routing performance in an ultra‑compact form factor.

RRP $152.90
$119.00 *

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Product no.: ER-X-SFP

The EdgeRouter™ X SFP combines cost-effective routing performance with the convenience of passive PoE support in a compact form factor.

RRP $209.00
$164.90 *

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Product no.: ER-8

The EdgeRouter™ offers 2 million packets per second over its eight independent, Gigabit routing ports.

RRP $799.00
$609.00 *

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Product no.: ERPRO-8

The EdgeRouter™ PRO combines 2 million+ packets per second performance with fiber connectivity options.

RRP $889.00
$689.00 *

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