Telstra Modem Matrix

Selecting Modem Patch Lead (Telstra)

Selecting Modem Patch Lead (Telstra)



Quick and easy way to find the correct patch lead. All Telstra wireless modem patch leads are listed here on one page for convenience. Modems are listed in order of release date. The lastest models are at the top of the page. Locate your modem model and then click on the patch lead Product No. (PLxxxx) to see more information. For modems without antenna connections, inductive pad patch leads are indicated. This enables you to identify which modems have external antenna connections.

Tip! If you don't know the model number of the phone, check under the back cover.  To learn more about inductive patch leads read the Selecting a 3G/4G Antenna page.

Current Models    
DJA0230_Telstra_Smart_Modem_Gateway Nighthawk_174__M2_Telstra_Modem B618s_Telstra_4GX_Modem
DJA0230 Telstra Smart Modem Gateway Nighthawk M2 B618s Telstra 4GX Modem
PL2004 PL2006 PL2006



Nighthawk_174__M1_Telstra_Modem Huawei_E5787_Telstra_Pre_Paid_4GX_Wi-Fi_Pro Telstra_Gateway_Frontier
Nighthawk M1 Huawei E5787 Telstra Pre Paid 4GX Wi-Fi Pro Telstra Gateway Frontier
PL2006 PL2006 PL2004



Netgear_Aircard_Smart_Cradle_DC112A Netgear_Wi-Fi_4GX_Advanced_III_AC810 ac790s
Netgear AirCard Smart Cradle DC112A Netgear Wi-Fi 4GX Advanced III AC810 Netgear Advanced II Pro AC790S
PL2006 PL2006 PL2006
ac782s_4g_cradle ac785s zte_mf910
78XS Netgear Ethernet & Antenna Charging Cradle Netgear Sierra Advanced Pro AC785S My Pocket WiFi Plus MF910
PL2006 PL2006 PL2006
Netgear_AirCard_Hub_DC102A e5786s NTC-140_Netcomm_wireless_4G_M2M_Router
Netgear AirCard Hub DC102A WiFi 4G Advanced Pro X Huawei E5786s NetCommWireless NTC-140 4G M2M Router
PL2004 PL2006 PL2004
Pre 2014
e5372t mf823 mf65
Huawei E5372T 4G ZTE MF823 4G ZTE MF65 4G


PL2006 PL2009 Inductive Pad
ac782s_4g_cradle zte_MF91.jpg


Netgear Sierra AC782S Antenna/Network Cradle ZTE MF91 4G Sierra Wireless SW760S 4G
PL2006 PL2014 PL2006




ZTE MF70 Netgear Sierra Advanced AC782S 4G Netcomm 3G22WV / 3G22WVT




Pre 2013    
aircard_usb310.jpg elite_network_gateway_3g21wt.jpg


Sierra Wireless AirCard USB310 Elite Network Gateway 3G21WT Mobile Wi-Fi 4G
PL2006 PL2004 PL2006
mf821.jpg sierra_aircard_hub.jpg ac760s_4g.jpg
ZTE MF821 USB 4G Sierra Aircard Hub Sierra Wireless AC760S 4G
PL2006 PL2004 PL2006
huawei_E8278_4g_lte.jpg ac320u ntc-30wt
Huawei E8278 4G LTE Sierra Wireless AC320U 4G NetCommWireless Outdoor Gateway NTC-30WT
PL2006 PL2006 AD4014 Adaptor
  3g38wv 3g38wv-ts
  3G WiFi Router 3G38WV Netcomm Smart Hub 4G 3G38WV-TS
  PL2004 PL2004
Pre 2012    



Huawei E353T Sierra Wireless AirCard USB313U 4G Sierra Wireless AC753s
PL2006 PL2006 PL2006
ac320u.jpg usb305.jpg Apple_iPad.jpg
Sierra Wireless AC320U Sierra Wireless USB30 Apple iPad
PL2006 PL2006 PL2910 Inductive Pad
smart_antenna_celfi.jpg Telstra_Smart_Antenna.jpg

Cel-Fi Smart Repeater RS2 Telstra Smart Antenna┬«  
PL2004 PL2004  
Pre 2011    
elite_mf30.jpg mf688.jpg mf688a.jpg
ZTE Elite MF30 ZTE MF688 ZTE MF668a
PL2009 Inductive Pad PL2006 PL2006
w35_sony_ericsson_mobile_broadband.jpg usb_250u.jpg usb308_309_elite.jpg
Sony Ericsson W35 Sierra Wireless USB250U Sierra Wireless USB309
PL2011 PL2001 PL2006
netcomm_3g42wt.jpg usb312u.jpg usb308.jpg
Netcomm Ultimate 3G42WT Sierra Aircard Ultimate 312U Sierra Wireless USB308
PL2105 PL2006 PL2006
ZTE Turbo 7 USB MF633+ Sierra Wireless Aircard 310U Sierra Wireless USB312U
PL2006 PL2001 PL2006
Pre 2010    
netcomm_3g21wb.jpg usb301_sierra_wireless.jpg
Ultimate Gateway 3G21WB Sierra Wireless USB301 Sierra Wireless USB302
PL2004 PL2006 PL2006
sierra_aircard_501.jpg elite_mf60.jpg zte_mf626i.jpg
Sierra Wireless Aircard 501 ZTE Elite MF60 ZTE MF626i
PL2006 PL2006 PL2009 Inductive Pad
Sierra Wireless Aircard 502 Sierra Wireless Aircard 502 Netcomm Gateway N3GS003
PL2006 PL2001 PL2004
netcomm_3g10wt_wireless_gateway.jpg netcomm_3g10wvt.jpg turbo_7_wireless_gateway_netcomm.jpg
Netcomm Gateway 3G10WT Netcomm Gateway 3G10WVT Turbo 7 Wireless Gateway
PL2004 PL2004 PL2004
zte_mf633bp.jpg usb306_elite.jpg zte_mf626.jpg
ZTE MF633BP and MF633BP+ Sierra Wireless USB306 ZTE MF626
PL2006 PL2006 PL2009 Inductive Pad
Pre 2009    
turbo_7_sierra_wireless_compass_885.jpg netcomm_3g9wb.jpg zte_mf636.jpg
Sierra Turbo 7+ Compass 885 Netcomm Gateway 3G9WB ZTE MF636
PL2006 PL2004 PL2009 Inductive Pad
zte_mf636bp.jpg turbo_7_usb_modem_ac880u.jpg Maxon_BP3-USB_Blue.jpg
ZTE MF636BP Turbo 7 USB Modem AC880U Maxon BP3-USB (Blue)
PL2009 Inductive Pad PL2007 PL2005
zte_mf636bp.jpg turbo_7_express_card_ac880e.jpg turbo_7_express_card_ac880e.jpg
ZTE MF636BP+ Turbo 7 Express Card AC880E Turbo 7 Express Card AC880E+
PL2006 PL2007 PL2006
Pre 2008    
ericsson_w25.jpg maxon_bp3-ext.jpg maxon_bp3-usb_turbo_modem.jpg
Sony Ericsson W25 Maxon BP3-EXT Maxon BP3-USB (Orange)
PL2004 PL2004 PL2005
option_gt_max.jpg option_gt_express.jpg sierra_aircard_580.jpg
Option GT Max GX0202 Option GT Express GE0202 Sierra Aircard 580
PL2008 PL2008 PL2008