Optus & Others Modem Matrix

Selecting Modem Patch Lead (Optus & others)

Selecting Modem Patch Lead (Optus & others)



Quick and easy way to find the correct patch lead. All wireless modem patch leads are listed here on one page for convenience. Modems are listed in order of carrier and release date. Locate your modem model and then click on the patch lead Product No. (PLxxxx) to see more information. For modems without antenna connections, inductive pad patch leads are indicated. This enables you to identify which modems have external antenna connections.

Tip! If you don't know the model number of the modem, check under the back or sim cover.
To learn more about inductive patch leads read the Selecting a 3G/4G Antenna page.
netgear_ac800s_optus huawei_e3372_optus huawei_b525_optus
Netgear AC800S Huawei E3372 Huawei B525
PL2006 PL2250 PL2004


huawei_e5186_optus huawei_e5573_optus huawei_e8372_optus
Huawei E5186 Huawei E5573 Huawei E8372
PL2004 PL2006 PL2006


huawei_e5377_optus_ zte_mf75_optus huawei_e392_optus
Huawei E5377 ZTE MF75 Huawei E392
PL2250 PL2006 PL2006


huawei_e5332_optus huawei_b593_4g_optus.jpg huawei_b220_optus.jpg
Huawei E5332 Huawei B593 4G Huawei B220
PL2006 PL2004 PL2004
huawei_e3276_optus.jpg huawei_e5776_optus.jpg huawei_e5331_optus.jpg
Huawei E3275 & E3276 4G Huawei E5776 4G Huawei E5331
PL2250 PL2006 PL2009 Inductive Pad
huawei_e3131_optus.jpg huawei_e353_optus.jpg huawei_e586_optus.jpg
 Huawei E3131 Huawei E353 Huawei E586
PL2250 PL2250 PL2006
huawei_e153_optus.jpg huawei_e160_optus.jpg huawei_e160e_optus.jpg
Huawei E153 Huawei E160 Huawei E160E
PL2250 PL2250 PL2250

huawei_e160g_optus.jpg huawei_e169_optus.jpg huawei_e583c_optus.jpg
Huawei E160G Huawei E169G Huawei E583C
PL2250 PL2009 Inductive Pad PL2250
huawei_e176_optus.jpg huawei_e173_optus.jpg huawei_e169_optus.jpg
Huawei E176 Huawei E173 Huawei E169
PL2250 PL2250 PL2250
huawei_e1762_optus.jpg huawei_e220_optus.jpg huawei_e367_optus.jpg
Huawei E1762 Huawei E220 Huawei E367
PL2250 PL2009 Inductive Pad PL2250
huawei_e960_optus.jpg option_express_cards_optus.jpg option_globesurfer_ii_optus.jpg
Huawei E960 Option Express Cards Option Globesurfer II
PL2905 Inductive Pad PL2008 PL2008
option_pcmcia_cards_optus.jpg sierra_wireless_aircard_310u_optus.jpg option_globesurfer_iii_optus.jpg
Option PCMCIA Card Sierra Wireless Aircard 310u Option Globesurfer III
PL2008 PL2006 PL2008
huawei_e5180_4g_cube_vodafone huawei_r216_vodafone huawei_r215_vodafone
Huawei E5180 4G Cube Huawei R216 Huawei R215
PL2014 PL3022 PL3022


huawei_r208_vodafone huawei_e3735_vodafone.jpg huawei_e585_vodafone
Huawei R208 Huawei E3735 Huawei E585
PL3022 PL2253 PL2009 Inductive Pad
huawei_k4505_vodafone.jpg k3765_vodafone.jpg
Huawei K3715 Huawei K4505 Huawei K3765
PL2009 Inductive Pad PL2250 PL2009 Inductive Pad
huawei_e220_vodafone.jpg k3805_vodafone.jpg huawei_k3520_vodafone
Huawei E220 Huawei K3805 Huawei K3520
PL2009 Inductive Pad PL2009 Inductive Pad PL2009 Inductive Pad
    ZTE MF62


huawei_e5832_virgin.jpg huawei_e160e_virgin.jpg huawei_e169_virgin.jpg
Huawei E5832 Huawei E160E Huawei E169
PL2009 Inductive Pad PL2250 PL2250
huawei_e1762_virgin.jpg option_globesurfer_ii_virgin.jpg zte_mf90c_virgin
Huawei E1762 Option Globesurfer II ZTE MF90c
PL2250 PL2008 PL2006


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Huawei B315s