BlackHawk Antennas

BlackHawk Antennas

Blackhawk Antennas supply premium grade mobile bandwidth suitable (3G, 4G, 4GX, LTE), fully welded, quality tested, ruggedised antennas ideal for all types of environments to improve your mobile coverage. Blackhawk Antennas offer superior performance, maximum range and the ultimate in reliability for cellular applications. Our product range of cellular antennas includes Yagi, Marine, MIMO, Omni, M2M, Indoor and Vehicle/Trucker.

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3dB Omni Ceiling Mount DAS Antenna with N Female

Product no.: NG3OMNI-K11-N

3dB Omni Ceiling Mount DAS Antenna with N Female. This antenna is designed for in-building repeater applications.

$104.50 *
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3dBi Shark Fin Wide Band MiMo with GPS

Product no.: NG3MPG-5N

3dBi Shark Fin Low Profile MiMo and GPS Antenna. This antenna has a rugged panel mount designed for use on vehicles.

$72.45 *
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5dBi Compact Omni Antenna-Stainless Spring GSM/3G/4G/4GX

Product no.: NG5OMNI-6A-S

5dBi Antenna with a 4m cable and SMA connector. Compact (40cm) and rugged outdoor fibreglass antenna. Supports GSM, 3G and 4G networks.

$110.55 *
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6dBi Wall/Pole Mount Wideband Omni Antenna, 3G and 4G

Product no.: NG6OMNI-6F-N

Blackhawk 6dBi Wall or Pole Mount Wideband Omni Antenna, GSM, 3G and 4G. Comes with N female connector. Requires cable

$189.75 *
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Omni Wall/Pole Mount Omni Antenna, 10m/240, SMA/M

Product no.: CFG-DA16L

Building Omni Wideband Antenna, White UV-PVC, 10m 240 cable, SMA/M. Supports 3G, 4G and 4GX networks.

$270.26 *
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14dBi Blackhawk LPDA Antenna, 10m/240 cable, SMA/M

Product no.: CFG-DA52

Blackhawk ANT-BH-YG-LOG-LPDA 14dBi LPDA Wideband Antenna, Black Yagi, 10m 240 cable, SMA/M. Supports 3G, 4G and 5G networks.

$237.60 *
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