Adapter Selection Matrix

Locate the required adapter and then click on the product code to view details.
SMA connector identification
Male (Plug) Female (Jack)
Description Product No.
SMA Female to FME Female AD4011
SMA Male to FME Male AD4012
SMA Male to FME Female AD4013
SMA Female to SMA Female AD4001
SMA Male to SMA Male AD4002
SMA Male to RP SMA Female AD4004
SMA Female to RP SMA Male AD4003
SMA Male to SMA Female RA AD4005
SMA Male to N Male AD4050
SMA Female to N Male AD4051
SMA Female to MC Card Male AD4020
SMA Female MMCX Male AD4030
SMA Female to MCX Male AD4040
SMA Female to RP TNC Male AD4009
SMA Male to RP TNC Female AD4008
SMA Male to N Female AD4049
SMA Female to N Female AD4048
FME connector identification  
Male (Plug) Female (Jack)
fme_male.jpg fme_female.jpg
Description Product No.
FME Female to SMA Female AD4011
FME Male to SMA Male AD4012
FME Female to SMA Male AD4013
FME Male to FME Male AD4018
FME Female to FME Female AD4019
FME Male to N Male AD4014
FME Female to N Male AD4054
FME Female to N Female AD4060
FME Female to Mini UHF Female AD4016
FME Male to Mini UHF Male AD4015
FME Male to TNC Male AD4017
FME Female to TNC Female AD4010
N (N type)  
N connector identification  
Male (Plug) Female (Jack)
n_male.jpg n_female.jpg
N Male to SMA Male AD4050
N Male to SMA Female AD4051
N Male to FME Male AD4014
N Male to FME Female AD4054
N Male to N Male AD4052
N Female to FME Female AD4060
N Female to N Female AD4053
N Female to RP SMA Female AD4070
N Female to RP SMA Male AD4071
N Female to SMA Male AD4049
N Female to SMA Female AD4048
RP SMA (Reverse Polarity)
RP SMA connector identification
Male (Plug) Female (Jack)
rp_sma_male.jpg rp_sma_female.jpg
RP SMA Female to SMA Male AD4004
RP SMA Male to SMA Female AD4003
RP SMA Female to N Female AD4070
RP SMA Male to N Female AD4071
Mini UHF  
Mini UHF connector identification
Male (Plug) Female (Jack)
mini_uhf_male.jpg mini_uhf_female.jpg
Mini-UHF Male  to FME Male AD4015
Mini UHF Female to FME Female AD4016
TNC connector identification
TNC Male (Plug) TNC Female (Jack)
tnc_male.jpg tnc_female.jpg
TNC Male to FME Male AD4017
TNC Female to FME Female AD4010
TNC Male to SMA Female AD4184
RP TNC (Reverse Polarity)
RP TNC connector identification
Male (Plug) Female (Jack)
RP TNC Male to SMA Female AD4009
RP TNC Female to SMA Male AD4008
MC Card  
MC Card connector identification
MC Card  Male (Plug)  
MC Card Male to SMA Female AD4020
MCX  connector identification  
MCX  Male (Plug)  
MCX Male to SMA Female AD4040
MMCX  connector identification  
MMCX Male to SMA Female AD4030